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Clean Agent Gase Based Extinguishers


Hospital and Nursing Homes, Operation Treatres, Laboratories, All offices I nvolving use of costly electronic quipments. Multiplexes, theatres, BPOs, departmental stores, furniture showrooms,electronic equipment factories and showrooms etc.


  • Extinguishing Agent capable of fighting class A, B, C & Electrical fire.
  • BIS Approved ( IS 15683)
  • High Performance Extinguishing agent environmentally safe with ZERO ODP
  • Protect data in process, reduces equipment damage, facilitate fast return to service.
  • High Quality pure exposy powder coating
  • High Quality Epdm Rubber Braided Hose
  • HFC 227 ea/FM 200 based Clean Agent


Technical Specification
CAPACITY1 Kg. 2 Kg. 10 Kg.
Type Stored Pressure
Extinguishing Media HFC 227 ea Based Clean Agent
Excellent Nitrogen
Operating Temperature -10 to + 55c
Minimum Effective Discharge (%) More than 95 Percent
Hydraulic Test Pressure 27Kg/cm2
Throw Minimum 1 Meters 1 Meters 1 Meters
Discharge Time (Secs) Minimum 8 12 30
Fire Rating 8B 8B 3A
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