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CCTV Cameras
Understanding the immense importance of CCTV security cameras for video security systems, we manufacture our range using the best quality instruments. These CCTV cameras can keep a track of employees, locations, entry ways, and other areas in an efficient manner. We offer efficiently designed high quality CCTV cameras with true to life specification factors, offering excellent video images and audio quality.

Getting the right CCTV camera according to their requirements often creates more confusion among buyers. Closed Circuit Television camera (CCTV) products in the market have a broad range of brands, types, technology, quality and price. Furthermore, with a lack of standardization in the industry also makes it the process more difficult for prospective buyers to compare different products from one manufacturer to another. CCTV cameras manufacturers produce products with different attributes for different requirements. Hence you need to get the ones that are meeting up your needs. Most crucial attributes within CCTV security cameras are types of outputs, minimum illumination, location of placement, control mechanism, video resolution and minimum illumination. These attributes need to be compared by buyers to differentiate between different models and catch the ones that are most suitable for them. The device works by sending video signals to a monitor for video display. Cameras may either send digital or analog signal outputs.

Analog CCTV is used for transmission of a continuous stream of video over a coaxial cable. A majority of existing installations nowadays are still in the process of using an Analog technology. However, there is a significant rise in the sales of digital CCTV technology.

Digital CCTV cameras transmit video signals over a twisted pair cable. Generally digital CCTV cameras are equipped with an Internet protocol (IP) address. Therefore it is often also known as network camera or IP camera. By having an IP address, the camera can easily get integrated with the existing infrastructure. Based on the location, CCTV cameras manufacturers can easily divide products into indoor and outdoor devices.


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