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A B C Dry Powder Extinguishers


Papers, wood, textiles, rubber, plastics, oil, petrol, paint, petrochemical products. resins, compressed gas like acetylene, LPG, CNG, electrical and sophisticated electronic equipments.


  • Mono-ammonium based dry chemical agent. Capable of fighting class A, B, C & E fire as per IS 14609
  • BIS Approved (IS 15683 )
  • High quality pure polyester powder coating
  • IS 15683 IS 15683 Controlled Discharge
  • Brass nickel plated head valve with simple squeeze operation
  • Unique gauge testing system (UGTS)
  • Easy & more economical to maintain & service
  • Rechargeable and easy to service
  • Choice of capacity from 1 to 9 Kg
  • High quality EPDM Rubber Braided hose is far more flexible than the normal rubber used in hose pipe and also far less to cracks.


Technical Specification
CAPACITY1 Kg. 2 Kg. 4 Kg.6 Kg. 9 Kg.
Indian Standard 15683
Type Stored Pressure
Extinguishing Media Dry Powder (BC Powder Conforming to IS 14609)
Excellent Nitrogen
Operating Temperature -10 to + 55c
Minimum Effective Discharge (%) More than 90 Percent
Hydraulic Test Pressure 27Kg/cm2
Throw More Than 2 Meters
Discharge Time (Secs) Minimum 8 8 8 13 13
Resistance To Impact Yes
Resistance To Vibration Yes
Tapping Text (500 Strokes) Conforms
Resistance To Corrosion Salt Spray Test Yes
Fire Rating 8B IA, IA, 8B IA, 13B 2A, 21B 2A,34B
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